Top 5 Android Apps to Make Your Life Easier

As the demand for android apps is gradually increasing day by day, more and more android apps are launched in the Google market. They do bring android device users a lot of convenience and make life easier and more interesting. Here I would like to talk about some useful software that I have tried. I like them a lot and think they are worth a try from you.

Quick Switch

Quick Switch is a quick desktop widget that allows you to quickly and easily change system settings for your Android device. You don’t need to search through menu after menu to look for the settings you would like to switch because Quick Switch enables you enable or disable system settings just by a click. The settings includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Auto-sync, Screen Timeout, Data Connection, Auto-screen Lock, Auto-Rotate Screen, Vibration/Silent Mode, Lock/Unlock Pattern, Reboot (Rooted), 3G-2G Toggle, Speaker Mode. Choose the most frequently switched settings to display on your home screen in a bar with 5/6/7 buttons.

App Locker

It definitely the best app locker so far! It provides protections for any of the specific app that I don’t want to be used by others except by myself. It lists all the installed apps, including system software, while you can choose to hide them or not. Once you want to prevent an application from unauthorized or unexpectedly access, just press it, and then select” Apply”. It has two unlock modes, namely, unlock password and unlock pattern. Once you forget your password, you can retrieve it by recovery email. The newly added feature is two quick desktop switches. I have to say it is a very good idea to add these two switches. One is used for locking/unlocking all apps just by a click. The other is used for locking/unlocking the entire device. More features like, auto re-lock and auto-launch. Believe me! App Locker is definitely worth a try!


Maybe you can’t tell what mPicture can do just from its name. It is an app that helps you get awesome and unique wallpapers for your home screen and easily switch them. It totally contains thousands of beautiful pictures, which are clearly sorted. Choose one you like and collect it to your SD card to easily use it again. It is really a good helper for decorating your home screen with different awesome pictures.

Photo Manger

As its name suggests, Photo Manger is used for managing your digital photos. It is a photo sorter and editor. It sorts photos based on time and folders. Also, you may do some simply edition for your photos, like, rotate,zoom in and zoom out,crop.Plus, the last feature, also the one I like best, is that it allows you put the photos that you don’t want to be seen by others into a folder called Private Photos. You can add a password protection for it before access. If you have lots of digital photos and want to manage them efficiently, you should try this one.

Advanced Task Manager

It definitely is a task manager for you to kill tasks/process/service speed up your phone and save battery. You can also edit your boot list to quicken the speed of boot. Besides as a task manager, it is also an uninstaller for you to uninstall any installed apps you like. Advanced Task Manger allows you to add certain tasks to the Exclude list, which provides special protection for the apps in the list. Also, it summarizes your phone’s CPU, Memory and SD card current usages, which offers you a good and direct understanding of your phone.

Ideas to Find the Best Software to Develop Web App for Your Site

If you often browse the internet, you will come across many sites, which look attractive and are also very easy to navigate. On the other hand, you will also come across some, which are best avoided. Usually, a lot of work goes behind making a site user friendly. Companies hire some of the best designers to come up with ideas to make their sites one of the best. These designers use a lot of tools and software to develop web app. However, not all of these tools are good enough to help you get the desired results. If you wish to attract more online customers to your site and do business with you over the internet, then you need loads of time to find one of the best professionals and also a top of the line software to achieve your goals.

Many a times, it is seen that companies falter at finding a good software to develop web app for their sites. They usually end up using an inferior quality tool, which fails to give them the desired results. There are many ways to find one of the best apps in the market for such tasks. In case you are not too sure about these tools, then read on to know more about these ideas:

  • Discuss with a few experts: You may know some experts, who usually develop web apps for their clients. Discussing with them about some of the best software in the market, to develop web apps, will be a good idea. They will be able to give you some vital tips, which you may implement in your aim, to come up with a good website.
  • Internet: In case you are not willing to depend on the advices given to you by experts, you may also take the help of the world of Internet. Here, you will find a lot of sites, where information pertaining to a software to develop web app will be available. Just make sure that you refer to those sites, which are reliable and well known. Information from any other site may not be much of a help to you.

There are many other ideas to help you find a useful software to develop web app. Take your time and do not hurry in choosing one of the best tools for your website. If you make a mistake in choosing the right one, then this may have a negative impact on the quality of your site.

5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone

The iPhone has revolutionised mobile technology. No longer do you need a phone, a PSP and an iPod bulging in your pockets or a bag to carry them all. Now all you need is the slick and stylish Apple iPhone!

Not only does the iPhone compact all of your needs into one device but the pure genius that is apps!

Apps have exploded over the last 18 months and there has been a surge in the desire to train as an app developer to get in on the gold rush.

I recently read about a developer of a simple gimmick app that has gone on to sell 1 million, netting him $1,000,000 in a year!

With a 2nd phase of the gold rush now developing with the newly released iPad, developers are trying to think up the most crazy apps to cash in as well as help the end user.

I have reviewed what’s on the market and have compiled my favourite 5 must have apps for you to check out and download:

In at 5 is the
Newly released Skype app. This has the potential to be huge, attracting over 5,000,000 downloads in week 1. Skype claim to deliver near CD quality sound for skype to skype calling over 3g. Currently free, this could change very soon.

At 4 is the awesome print and share app. This allows you to print files, web pages, contacts, emails and camera pictures directly to your home printer. It works like a dream!

In 3rd place
Real racing. A really fun track racing game. Its highly addictive – perfect for killing a few hours!

Close 2nd is angry birds. This was incredibly close to being my top app. Its fun, easy to play and the graphics are fantastic. Probably the best game in this genre I have played since worms or Lemmings back on the Commodore Amiga!

And my #1 app is
Textfree unlimited which allows free text messages using push technology. This is fantastic for the high frequency SMS sender out there on high price plans!

But don’t take my word for it, go and download them and judge for yourself.

4 Great Apps For Kindle Fire

So you just bought a Kindle Fire and you have checked out a few books, maybe listened to some music, watched a video or two and of course you browsed the web. Now what? Luckily there are tons and tons of applications created by third parties that you can download onto your new Fire. There are are thousands of them out there, but I have drilled down and found what I consider to be the very best 4 apps out of all of those. Follow along as I tell you about these 4 Kindle Fire apps and why I think they are the best.

1) Badass Battery Monitor – If I could only have one app, I would have this one. it gives you so many great details about what is going on with your battery, it is unreal. This should come included with the Fire it is so extensive. It will tell you how much time you have left as well as what percentage of the battery you have left until you will need to charge again. The app also shows you what apps and usage is taking up all of the battery and draining it the fastest. It is extremely helpful, and is a great insight into your inner workings of the Fire.

2) Temple Run – This is one of the best Kindle Fire games there is. It is in the “endless running” category. When you click start on this game, your character begins running, and running, and running, and running. You don’t stop running until you run into an object or you run off of the edge of the wall that you are running on. You have to swipe left and right to turn, and you have to swipe up to jump and down to slide. You want to collect coins as you go to unlock special powers and other great things. I love this game and I think you will too! It’s very addicting.

3) CalenGoo – If you want to connect your Google Calendar to your Kindle Fire, this is the best app to do it. You can sync your calendar, easily swipe between days, weeks, and months to see future appointments and plans. The best calendar, hands down.

4) Pulse – Typical RSS readers are not in style anymore. Pulse takes it up a notch and provides an extremely visually appealing way to stay current with all of your favorite blogs and news sources. You can set up various tabs so if you want finance news on one tab, sports news on another tab, and funny webcomics on another tab, you can do that.

There you go! If you are only going to get a few apps, these are a good mix. Some productivity, some fun and games, and a great utility to help you to monitor your Fire’s battery usage. Hopefully you will check out these apps for Kindle Fire soon. Enjoy your Fire!

Network, Connect, Share – To Promote Your iPad App

Creating an iPad app is great but to take it to the right audience and to convince them to buy it is the tricky part. With increasing user fragmentation iPad app developers must look for out-of-the-box solutions to reach their targeted audience.

Here’s a list of the 7 competitive strategies for iPad app promotion:

Send it For Reviews

Submit your sites for review to the best sites and make sure to follow all their guidelines. This will increase the possibility of your app getting featured in the best apps category on the reviewer site. For instance, has an intense comment system. Using IntenseDebate user’s voice out their genuine reviews on apps as well as other app reviews.

Pitch it Right

Prepare a sales pitch for your app even before you start developing it. Highlight its USP and why consumers must buy it. Post this script on your blog and share it with bloggers around you. If your pitch holds any substance bloggers will aptly share it and write compelling predictions and reviews.

Social Media

Choose the right social media platforms to take your iPad app to the right audience. Build professional social media profiles for your application. Post regular updates, market trends and related information on the account. Include proper links and video with illustrations, content and graphics to keep the users engaged. Create Twitter or Facebook campaigns for boost promotion efforts through social media channels.


Advertise on related business websites and blogs. For instance, if your application is related to lifestyle advertise on health magazines and sites. Send your app pitch to bloggers and invite reviews and discussions. Visit online forums and lead discussions about offerings. Provide solutions and accept feedbacks on advertisement platforms as much as possible.

Google Adwords

Use Google Keyword Tool and decide on competitive keywords. With Adwords you can buy your preferred keywords and display them using a sponsored links, which are then listed on search results pages for that keyword. Adwords also places ads on different sites featuring similar content. Thus it ensures wider and targeted marketing of your iPad app.

App Pricing

Ensure that you completely understand your audience preferences before setting up a good price for your app. Whether to develop a free app or a paid one depends entirely on what the application will be used for and what segments it is targeting. Justify your pricing strategy for every app you promote in the market.

Video Promotion

Create a short yet stunning YouTube video. Share the video aggressively on every promotional platform you use. Send this video can also be sent to bloggers, review sites, existing and potential customers. Create a buzz around your video by channeling it to the right audience.

To conclude

Don’t forget to build a great website for your iPad app. The primary idea is to pass the message around to targeted groups who will genuinely be benefitting from your iPad app.

Practical iPhone Apps

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about iPhone apps?
-Let me guess, you think of fun, entertainment, a great way to spend your free time. Of course you would be right, but the great thing about these apps is that they offer something more than just a good leisure time.

Imagine the following situation, you are relaxing at your home, watching TV and just looking forward to a quiet evening with yourself, when suddenly your phone rings and your friends invite themselves for a dinner at your house. You are getting panic stricken? -Do not worry; the iPhone team has developed many applications specifically for these kinds of situations.

Trust me, there are many many iPhone apps that can literally save your life, so ditch your centuries old and dusty kitchen books, cause frankly you don’t need them anymore, their only place now is into a museum, you have your iPhone now, which takes the minimum amount of space and contains kitchen recipes from Chinese to Italian, to Mexican, from appetizers to deserts, all you have to do is click and start cooking.

Some of these apps can even teach you how to serve, so you can impress your friends with your skills, and the best of all is that you can take full credits for the effort, I am sure your iPhone will not mind.
Some of the best apps from this category are: Black Book Guides, Urban Spoon Shop Responsibly, Eat Fresh, Say Cheese and many more, and they are all available on the app store.

But cooking is not the only thing that the iPhone has got covered with its wide range of applications.

Now honestly, how much money have you spent on a decorator for your new house or apartment?
-A lot, right?

Well good news for you and your wallet, some of the newest iPhone apps are dedicated on home decoration, and even how to decorate according to feng shui and feel the peaceful atmosphere in your new home.

Here you can find many styles and suggestions from new age, to classic, to artistic. With mixing and combining these styles you can decorate your room by your own desires and still be trendy without spending a dime on a decorator. Here are your new best decorating advisors: Color Capture, Color Snap, Mark on Call, all available on the app store.

Two Essential iPad Apps for Remote Productivity

I consider my iPad to be the best productivity tool I have. Small and light enough to carry anywhere with an all-day battery life, it goes to meetings, on road trips, and on the train. Even though I leave my laptop at home I don’t miss it at all! These two iPad apps give me access to my laptop, my important documents, and everything I need to be productive anywhere I go – for business or pleasure.

Screens by Edovia

Screens is a VNC client that allows you to connect to your desktop. There are two ways to connect to the remote desktop: over your local network or over the internet. Connecting over your local network is very easy. Simply launch the app and it will locate all the computers on your local network. Then, just touch the one you want. Download the Screens Connect applet from the Edovia website to make connecting over the internet just as easy. In three clicks and under five minutes your desktop is now accessible anywhere your iPad is. Screens requires that your home router supports the UPnP protocol. The Screens user experience is joyous, fluid, and fast. Even on a mediocre connection the graphics are crisp and the elegant user interface makes navigation easy, even for first time users. Your desktop is automatically resized to fit your iPad screen and you simply touch the screen to click on an object. This is the best VNC app available for iPad at the moment, and has been my best app purchase so far.

CloudApp by Linebreak

If you need to share documents easily, then CloudApp is your solution. CloudApp supports plugins called “raindrops” which allow the app to work with external applications such as iTunes and Firefox. This makes it easy to share content without having to switch applications. Additional raindrops are available to increase the integration points with the applications you use. CloudApp installs as an item in your menu bar. Sharing a file is a simple as dragging it from your finder window to the small cloud icon at the top of your screen. If multiple files are selected a zip archive is automatically created. As your file is uploading, CloudApp copies a URL for your upload to your Clipboard. You can use this URL for Facebook, LinkedIn, or anything else. CloudApp also has a keyboard shortcut you can use, making sharing a file a one-step process.

iPhone Apps to Work Smart and Efficiently

In case you are the happy owner of an iPhone, then you already know that you have the liberty to choose from thousands of great apps for free. Nevertheless, several of the most common and most beneficial applications are certainly not free of charge. Generally speaking, iPhone apps start at $0.99 and they can get up to $4.99. Purchasing iPhone apps for your iPhone can be convenient if you learn how to get them. Presently there is a much better method to acquire the exact same applications for an excellent offer and much less expensive compared to the regular cost provided by the iTunes Store. In case you really want to get the best apps for a reasonable cost, just keep reading and find out how you can do that.

Usually, from time to time, iPhone Apps are on sale, offering great costs and offers for people to take advantage of. It is true that occasionally, all the applications that you adore so much can be offered at a reduced price, so as to make everyone happy and satisfied. In case 0.99$ is not good, you can even get lower than that, if you watch out for the sales. Keep your eyes opened because you might never know when you favorite iPhone apps is on sales. This method in particular is a smart technique to raise the popularity of these applications, and thus make them known by everyone. Furthermore, the purpose is to take them to the top iPhone apps, so as to sell as many as possible. You should take advantage of these offers. It’s the best chance to have great iPhone apps and features for your iPhone investing a small amount of money.

What you have to do is check periodically the iTunes Stores, as well as the Apple Stores so as to be updated with the latest apps: the newest, the best and why not, the cheapest?, Although you might have to wait for a while, it will be worth it. Get the best price for your iPhone and choose to make a smart investment. The ninja strategy tells you that several experienced iPhone customers have begun to utilize the applications which product is on sale. Thus, you’ll monitor all products so to make sure that your favorite one will be bought in the moment when its price goes down. In case you don’t know the App Miner, go and get it right now. It’s free of charge and it’s actually useful because it keeps you updated.

Decide to get the best apps, be smart without having to pay hefty for an iPhone Apps. These days, people are looking forward to the best sales and they are willing to wait until their favorite item has the lowest cost. This is the exact case of the iPhone apps. They will be appreciated and bought by people when their prices will decrease.

Top 5 iPad Productivity Apps for Back to School

If you’re a student who has an iPad and are interested in some apps that you can use to stay organized throughout your school year, pay close attention here.

There are literally hundreds of back-to-school apps available for the iPad. Choosing the best apps to stay organized can be overwhelming. But don’t worry.

We’ve found five powerful applications that can help you learn faster, keep track of your assignments and stay on top of your class. Download them ASAP to your iPad and you’re ready to rock at school.

1. Graphic Calculator App – Quick Graph +

Graphic calculators can be expensive and a pain to carry with you whenever you have classes. There’s always a chance of you forgetting your calculator and being forced to share it with a friend. Well… you can say goodbye to that with the QuickGraph + iPad Application.

This application transforms your iPad into a powerful graphic calculator with key features such as an equation library, multiple co-ordinate system support, and independent axis scaling and so on.

The best part… there’s an in-app email function that will allow you to share your graphs and functions with your classmates. Priced at $1.99, it’s the perfect replacement for your graphic calculator.

2. Periodic Table App – The Elements

Here’s an app that’s seriously going to break the bank. Priced at $13.99, the Elements is an application that allows you to explore the periodic table deeply. The app comprises of about 500 elements and allows you to learn more about each element with just a tap. You’ll be able to learn about the element’s history, see photographs relating to the element and so on.

At $13.99, it does seem expensive. But if you’re really serious about getting an A with chemistry this year, this is one of the best apps you can get. Alternatively, you can also download another free periodic table application. There are some free apps but they are limited when it comes to depth of information.

3. CourseSmart

CourseSmart is a powerful application that will allow you to read the full text of various textbooks for no cost at all. Their library currently contains over 7,000 textbooks. The e-textbooks are licensed for a limited period to students (about 180 days) for half the price of the original physical textbook.

It’s ideal for students who’re taking subjects where they’re required to refer to multiple textbooks. Instead of purchasing expensive textbooks, you can use CourseSmart to browse through essential data for free and then license the e-textbook if needed.

4. iHomeWork

A home-work planner and organizer are absolutely crucial for anyone that’s serious about staying on top of the class throughout the year. The iHomeWork app, which is priced at $1.99, will allow you to keep track of class assignments, your daily class schedule and research essential information with (integrated with the app). The app also allows you to email your assignments to friends and record grades you’ve received each assignment.

5. EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM is a Personal Information Manager that you’ll find yourself using not only at school but throughout your work career as well. There is a free version as well as a pro version available EssentialPIM.

The pro version allows syncing of data with your iOS, Windows and Android devices whereas the free version allows you to keep track of your data from one device only.

The app allows you to plan your assignments, study times and so on effectively so you can be prepared and always stay on top of your class.

Best Apps For Your iPhone 4

Before the release of the famous iPhone 4S, there was the 4th generation iPhone that we all loved. This is the iPhone 4. The phone ships with iOS 4 but it is now upgradable to the famous iOS 5. It comes with 1GHz processor and 3.5 inch display. If you want to take this phone to another level, then the following are some of the best apps that you can install on your iPhone 4.

Evernote – This is an app that you will love. It will help you to organize everything on this phone. You can create Voice memos, notes, and more with this amazing app. You can instantly access your files from your computer or this phone. In short, this will help you to organize and store your files without getting a migraine.

Pandora – This app will allow you to listen to Pandora. This app will allow you to play your music while you send text messages or browse the web. The Radio app will also allow you to personalize your streams directly to your iPhone 4. This is also a free app that you can easily install on your phone.

AroundMe – It is not that hard to get lost or to miss a specific place even if you’ve been there a thousand times. With this app, you will be able to find places easily. This will also help you identify your location and help you choose the nearest restaurant, hospital, or gas station. This is ideal for travelling to new cities. This will help you find your way when no one else is available to help you.

Car Locator – This is an app that will help you find your car. It is not that hard to get lost in a big parking lot. This is most especially true if you have a common car driven by many. If you do not want to lose your car, then all you have to do is to launch this app after parking and tag your location. If you somehow forget about your car’s exact location, then all you have to do is to use your phone’s view finder. In an instant, a tiny marker will lead you to your car’s exact location.

There are tons of apps that you can install on your phone. They are here to help you and to basically make your iPhone 4 dependable and useful. These are just some of the best apps that you can download and use on this phone.